Country Farm Seeds Plot Tour – Aug 19, 2015 @ Country Farm Seeds – Country Farm Seeds

Country Farm Seeds Plot Tour – Aug 19, 2015 @ Country Farm Seeds

We have been through another successful Plot Tour at our Blenheim Location. We had a great turn out of growers who were interested in seeing the next step Country Farm Seeds is ready to take with our Soybean and Corn product line.

The plot showcased 26 of our Corn Hybrids as well as 7 of our Soybean Varieties. Of those 26 different hybrids, we revealed 9 new hybrids all ranging in maturity days from 77 – 105 days. The plot also featured two new hybrids in the Genuity® VT Double Pro® RIB Complete® trait we have brought back to our lineup. With the easy, “Refuge In Bag,” at %5 refuge in the bag the lowest in the corn belt, we are excited to see what these two new hybrids will produce come harvest time.

We have also added new products in three other fields of our product line, Conventional, Roundup Ready® Corn 2, & Genuity® SmartStax® RIB Complete®. The Plot looked really great and as for our other products we are absolutely happy with how the crops looked.

We would like to thank everyone who took time out of their busy schedule to attend our plot day. We hope it was informative and a great experience for you all. For those who could not make it and have any questions about our product line, click the link below and find a dealer near you.

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