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Fortenza Seed Treatment

The new laws and regulations with the sales and use of Neonicotinoid treated seeds have had an effect on many seed companies in Ontario. The ruling requirements on the use of Class 12 pesticides will perhaps have a drastic change on the sales of theses treated seeds. The demand for protected seed is still high and Country Farm Seeds wants to be always updated with quality products to make all options available to our customers. Because of this, we are excited to introduce, “Fortenza Maxim Quattro,” to our lineup of Seed Treatment options.

Fortenza Maxim Quattro is a Syngenta product that provides critical early season pest control. Its main focus of protection is against European chafer, wireworm and cutworm. Fortenza is not a Class 12 pesticide; in fact it belongs to the chemical class of diamides. There are many benefits of this product such us:

  • Strong root uptake and highly systemic upstream movement
  • Designed to be completely compatible with other Syngenta products
  • Commercially applied and convenient for both seed company and grower

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