The Canadian Recommend a Friend Program – Country Farm Seeds

The Canadian Recommend a Friend Program

We are so excited to announce our Brand New Program exclusive to Country Farm Seeds and any Genuity products. Introducing, “The Canadian Recommend a Friend Program.”

This program is entitled to EVERY Country Farm Seeds Grower. Country Farm Seeds will be offering rebate cheques to any farmer that refers a NEW farmer to grow Country Farm Seeds seed. The new Farmer will also be able to collect a rebate cheque as well for starting to grow our product. There will be a minimum order of 12 bags of corn and/or 40 bags of soybeans in order to receive the rebate cheque. The cheque will be paid as $10.00/bag of corn and $2.50/bag of Soybeans. All cheques will be mailed out on July 1st CANADA DAY!! Here is how it works:

These examples will pertain to soybeans. The same will go with Corn except for the difference of the minimum bag order.

The Existing Customer will receive a rebate on every bag that the new customer has bought. The order still has to be at least 40 bags. If the new customer buys more than what the existing customer has bought, the existing customer will not be able to collect off of the exceeding bags.

E = Existing

N = New Customer

Example 1:

E buys 100 bags and N buys 50

E will only get paid on the 50 bags, since that is what the new customer bought. N will receive a rebate on all 50 bags of their order.

Example 2:

E buys 50 and N buys 100

E receives a rebate off of his whole order of 50 since it is less than the new customer’s order. And he has bought over 40 bags of soybeans.

The New Customer will collect on every single bag that they buy, having said that they meet the minimum order.

Be proud and spread the word about the seed you are growing!! This offer will last throughout the whole selling season for 2016 planting!! If you need any clarification on the new program, please call the Country Farm Seeds office 1-800-449-3990 and someone will gladly help you.