Harvest 2016 – Country Farm Seeds

Harvest 2016

You guessed it , it is that time of year again. Clean off your combines and get your wagons ready. Its Harvest 2016!! We are so excited here at Country Farm Seeds to see your fields provide you the best yield possible. With a little help from our greatly appreciated customers and dealers, we already have some news to report to you.

Our CF31GR Soybeans have done it again. With no doubt they are tipping the scales of the average yields that some farmers are getting this season. A fan favorite, CF31GR are proving once again that Country Farm Seeds is a true competitor in the seed business and will create opportunities for your farm to succeed.

If you see your neighbor harvesting soybeans today, make a bet that is is probably Country Farm Seeds’ CF31GR’s. Here are the counties this week we visited harvesting CF31GR:

Lambton County is averaging at 62 bushels/acre.

Kent County is averaging at 65 bushels/acre

Essex County is averaging at 63 bushels/acre

We have found in area’s that saw rain through out the season, CF31GR is averaging at 65 bushels/acre. Where there was noticable drought, the CF31Gr’s are averaging anywhere between 45-50 bushels/acre.

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