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Neonicotinoid Government Documents “What You Need, To Get Your Seed”

The days are longer and it is getting warmer out there, it can only mean one thing.. Seed is on the road! We want to make sure you have your seed order before the planting season begins. However, anyone who has ordered Neonicotinoid class 12 treated seed, it will not be able to leave our warehouse until we have your paper work. Below you can find what you need in order to receive your seed order.

*The following information is from the official website of the Ontario Government*

On or after August 31, 2016, in preparation for the 2017 planting season, if farmers want to buy and use any amount of neonicotinoid-treated seeds, they will be required to:

  1. Complete the new integrated pest management (IPM) training
  2. Complete a pest assessment report
  3. Sign a declaration called an IPM Written Declaration Form stating that they have considered IPM principles

Farmers will need to submit these pieces of information, along with their IPM training certificate number, to the sales representative or seed vendor, including direct-to-farm seed vendors, from whom they purchased the seeds or to the custom seed treater used for treating seeds with neonicotinoids.

They can only plant neonicotinoid-treated seeds in the application area (or areas) on their farm property identified in their pest assessment report or seed amount declaration.

Farmers will still be responsible for complying with the regulation and must follow the same requirements and timelines as they would if they were buying seeds from a vendor/treated seed sales representative.  All relevant documentation will need to be provided to the custom seed treater.

There are no requirements for using non-treated seed or fungicide-only treated seed. Using non-treated seed can help protect pollinators and reduce the impact of neonicotinoids on the environment.


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