About Country Farm Seeds

Beginning in 1972, Lyle Giffin, a farmer in Harwich Township started a seed corn company. For the next 30 years he would continue to provide the farming community with some of the finest corn varieties available on the market.

In the summer of 2003, Lyle recognized the demand for seed products tailored for individual farmers. Country Farm Seeds was established to meet the needs and challenges of farming in the 21st century. The Canadian, family-owned business located in Southwestern Ontario would offer seed that works for Canadian farmers and represents a new choice for growers of corn and soybeans.


The varieties are selected for their performance as a regional adapted variety opposed to overall performance in a large geographical area. Country Farm Seeds tests varieties in numerous locations over a number of years before they are released for distribution. The company continually evaluates modern genetics and germplasm, as well as exciting new traits and platforms.

Country Farm Seeds is dedicated to serving Canadian farmers with the higher yielding products they need to ensure their success. They understand that crop yield is only one portion of the farm profitability equation. They actively seek additional opportunities for customers to improve their bottom line. Competitive seed prices, export premiums for many of the top varieties and of course higher yielding varieties are just a few examples of how they accomplish this.

Get To Know Country Farm Seeds

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