Silage Varieties

We are excited to add two NEW hybrids to our comprehensive line-up of silage specific hybrids that have been bred for optimal yield and silage quality! At Country Farm Seeds, we know that feed is your biggest expense. Your silage hybrid needs to produce a high quantity of high-quality forage that can be balanced in multiple ration types to satisfy your heifers, high-producing cows, and dry cows all year round. Our Silage Specific hybrids offer unique agronomics and premium feed qualities in a range of trait packages and maturities.

CF912S – GT

Heat Units: 2200
Maturity Days: 78

This early silage hybrid is designed for dairy performance in southern
Quebec. It features a softer flint/dent kernel that dries more slowly foragrisure-gt
an extended harvest window and for increased starch digestibility.



 CF932S – RR Floury Leafy

Heat Units: 2775
Maturiy Days: 90

This Floury Leafy Corn Silage Hybrid features all the great silage-specific
agronomics and characteristics of the Leafy Corn Silage Hybrid with the
addition of more rumen-available starch. Without exception, plant at a
population of 28,000-30,000 ppa for best agronomic performance,
highest yield, and premium silage quality.


CF961S – RR Floury Leafy

Heat Units: 2875
Maturity Days: 95


This Silage specific hybrid has been selected due to its very strong stock and terrific starch quantity that it provides. It is a medium plant height with a flex ear that delivers 10-11 leaves per plant. Recommended to plant at a population between 28,000 – 32,000.


CF972S – RR Floury Leafy

Heat Units: 3025
Maturity Days: 100


CF972S is another Floury Leafy Silage hybrid that features great starch and fiber digestibility for your livestock. This is Country Farm Seeds latest Silage specific variety. With being a taller flexible plant, this hybrid showcases very strong roots to help it from being weathered.

CF930S – CONV Floury Leafy

Heat Units: 2775
Maturity Days: 90

We also will be carrying a conventional Floury Leafy Silage hybrid. CFS logo (Just image)
With the same attributes as CF932S, this Floury Leafy hybrid will showcase
great silage specific agronomics of a Leafy Corn Hybrid as well with
more rumen-available starch.    



CF956S – GSX Leafy

Heat Units: 2750
Maturity Days: 94

This Leafy Corn Silage Hybrid has been bred and tested for the complexsmartstax-rib-complete-eng-full-colour
agronomic and nutritional requirements of your dairy. It offers a superiorbalance of effective and digestible fiber, more rumen-available starch,and boasts dairy specific agronomics such as high total plant yield and a long harvest window. It needs less time in the silo before feeding and produces high-quality milk dependably and economically. Without
exception, plant at a population of 28,000-30,000 ppa for best
agronomic performance, highest yield, and premium silage quality.


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