CORN Genuity® SmartStax® RIB Complete®

Insect Protection

European Corn Borer Yes
CRW (Northern and Western) Yes
Corn Earworm Yes
Black Cutworm Yes
Fall Armyworm Yes
Western Bean Cutworm Yes

Refuge Requirement

Refuge In Bag5%

Herbicide Tolerance

Roundup Tolerance Yes
Liberty Link Yes


Heat Units: 2825

Maturity Days: 92

Medium tall stature with excellent stalks
Flowers early for maturity
Very consistent ear size and high yield potential
Medium to high plant populations for best yield
Very good silage potential


Heat Units: 2875

Maturity Days: 95

Very strong yield potential
Great test weight and staygreen
Very good fall intactness and appearance


Heat Units: 2850

Maturity Days: 94

Impressive plant appearance
Large flex ears with good grain quality
Excellent yield potential
Performs well in all environments


Heat Units: 2900

Maturity Days: 97

Strong dought tolerance, performs well under stress
Responds well to high populations
Nice late season intactness, late flowering
Great agronomic package
High yielding hybrid with good test weight


Heat Units: 3050

Maturity Days: 101

Excellent test weight with fast drydown
Very good stalks
Excellent root ratings
Healthy late season intactness
Excellent choice for corn on corn


Heat Units: 3050

Maturity Days: 101

Fully traited option of CF611
Excellent yield on wide range of soils
Good drought tolerance
Responds well to higher populations
Good drydown and test weight


Heat Units: 3200

Maturity Days: 105

Excellent yield potential
Medium tall plant height
Great drydown
Good standability
Top yielding genetics, avoid high stress environments


Heat Units: 3200

Maturity Days: 105

Late flowering for maturity
Girthy Ears with deep kernels
Very good stalks and stay green
Very strong yield performance


Heat Units: 3325

Maturity Days: 107

High top end yield potential
Strong stalks and roots
Very good yield performance, even under stress
Responds favourably to fungicide applications


Heat Units: 3325

Maturity Days: 107

Outstanding top-end yielding hybrid
Impressive disease tolerance
Widely adapted across regions
Strong stalks and roots with low greensnap risk