CORN Genuity® VT Double PRO® RIB Complete®

Insect Protection

European Corn Borer Yes
CRW (Northern and Western) No
Corn Earworm Yes
Black Cutworm No
Fall Armyworm Yes
Western Bean Cutworm No

Refuge Requirement

Refuge In Bag5%

Herbicide Tolerance

Roundup Tolerance Yes
Liberty Link No


Heat Units: 2200

Maturity Days: 77

Excellent appearance at harvest
Exciting new ultra-early Genuity® RIB Complete® hybrid
Very nice open husk with fast dry down
Excellent test weight


Heat Units: 2775

Maturity Days: 89

Excellent agronomics
Excellent consistency and stability across various enviroments
Prefers medium to high populations
Very good seedling vigour for early planting
Exceptional stalk and root strength


Heat Units: 2925

Maturity Days: 97

Very good stalks and roots
Solid disease package
Very good performance corn on corn
Great early plant vigor