CORN Roundup Ready® Corn 2

Insect Protection

European Corn Borer No
CRW (Northern and Western) No
Corn Earworm No
Black Cutworm No
Fall Armyworm No
Western Bean Cutworm No

Refuge Requirement

Refuge In BagN/A

Herbicide Tolerance

Roundup Tolerance Yes
Liberty Link No


Heat Units: 2175

Maturity Days: 77

Fast dry down
Excellent ultra-early hybrid offering
Superior stay green
Excellent test weight


Heat Units: 2400

Maturity Days: 81

Strong roots and stalks
Good staygreen and high test weight
Nice stature and appearance with top end yield


Heat Units: 2675

Maturity Days: 84

Medium plant height
Good fall appearance
Good stay green
Excellent early season refuge corn
Great agronomics and disease package


Heat Units: 2875

Maturity Days: 95

Excellent stalk and root stand-ability
Roundup ready technology
Good ear flex with excellent husk cover
Flowers early for maturity
Good plant vigour for early planting


Heat Units: 2950

Maturity Days: 98

Roundup Ready
Proven genetics
Exceptional early growth and vigour
Wide area of adaptability
Good drought tolerance


Heat Units: 3050

Maturity Days: 101

Very good grain quality with impressive yield
Medium tall plant with strong roots
Good ear flex
Excellent southern movement


Heat Units: 3350

Maturity Days: 109

Excellent disease resistance
High yielding hybrid with very good test weight
Great early season vigour
Medium plant height
Excellent root ratings